Why Riego Creek


Why Riego Creek?

Riego Creek is the following: 

  • Student-Centered
  • Possess a Continuous Improvement Mindset
  • Has a Vision of Excellence and High Expectations for ALL
  • Ensures all Stakeholders are Vested Throughout the Journey


We hope to help you in on our journey to ensuring we are better for kids each and every day!


Why Riego Creek is Right for your Family?

Why Riego Creek is Right for your Family

Welcome to Riego Creek Elementary, home of the Raptors. As the newest addition to the Roseville City School District, we look to build upon the district’s strong foundation and tradition of excellence.  

At Riego Creek Elementary, we will be driven by a schoolwide approach to excellence.  We will be systemic in how we build our school systems, programs, and traditions. Understanding that culture is the heart and compass of a school, we will use the following building blocks to construct our culture: